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"Walk in the shadows"
24 January 2014

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"Coffee time"
21 January 2014

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"Flight saucer landing"
20 January 2014

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19 January 2014

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"Is it alive?"
13 January 2014

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"Walk on the wilde side"
10 December 2013

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"Pipes in the sky"
8 December 2013

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"Like toothpicks"
22 November 2013

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"Time in motion"
11 October 2013

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23 June 2013

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Fly Away series
11 June 2013

Recent Comments

Thea on "Walk in the shadows"
Beautiful streetshot..great light !

Ronnie 2¢ on "Sunday walk"
A sweet timelessness to this for some reason . . like looking back at happier days when the sun seemed always to sine ...

Basile Pesso on "Looking for a shadow to rest"
Excellent shadowy mood...

Ludovic Roudet on "Coffee time"
Masterpiece. Splendid shades on the left character, excellent framing and great attitude of the right character.

Le Krop on "Coffee time"
J'aime la composition, le clair-obscur, l'atmosphère.

Basile Pesso on "Coffee time"
It's a fascinating image with great image quality, poetry and exposure....

L'angevine on "Flight saucer landing"
d'intéressantes couleurs

Farzan on "Twins"
Lovely theme :)

Marie-France on "Flight saucer landing"
Superbe ! jolie composition et couleurs !

albert on "Flight saucer landing"

Basile Pesso on "Flight saucer landing"
Superbly caught, with excellent color match and DOF.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Flight saucer landing"
More exciting than my microwave, must say !

L'angevine on "Twins"
pareil,je croyais à des yeux lors de la vignette

Marie-France on "Twins"
Excellente composition...on croirait voir deux gros yeux... superbe !

Juan on "Twins"
that's a dangerous crack... what may come out of it!

omid on "Twins"
woooooow! very nice shot with beautiful frame, colors, lighting & textures! A M A Z I N G !

CLODO on "Twins"
Almost a human face!

Ronnie 2¢ on "Twins"
It looks almost like a stage set - expect characters to walk on !

Ludovic Roudet on "Twins"
Superb hues and light.

Basile Pesso on "Twins"
Wonderfully graphic and exposed.

Ludovic Roudet on "Flying Orbs"
Superbly old-fashioned.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Is it alive?"
What a wonderful presentation of this fine art deco house and, yes, it does look kinda spooky here ! . . did it become ...

L'angevine on "Flying Orbs"
oh génial les couleurs et aussi cette lumière

omid on "Flying Orbs"
woooooow! It's a very nice shot with beautiful frame, perspective, colors & lighting! Amazing!

Dimitrios on "Flying Orbs"
excellent, have a great photo*year Panagioti

Basile Pesso on "Flying Orbs"
Excellent and superbly exposed.

L'angevine on "Roman camp… or not?"
superbe ces couleurs

Basile Pesso on "Roman camp… or not?"
Excellent picture with a superb light's mastering. And good title !

Ronnie 2¢ on "Roman camp… or not?"
Amazing how much color there is to be found in a simple moment like this !

Ludovic Roudet on "Roman camp… or not?"
Splendid lighting and processing.

Aubélia on "Roman camp… or not?"
Beautiful reflections. Have a nice day.

Basile Pesso on Fly Away series
Excellent choice !

Ferret on "Getting out"
An excellent shot in b&w

Ronnie 2¢ on "Getting out"
What an amazing collection of disassociated details you have found included here - a fascinating image to sit and ...

Marie on "Walk on the wilde side"
excellent !

L'angevine on "Gate to Hyperspace"
superbe cette géométrie de cube

Moridi on "Gate to Hyperspace"
Very good capture. Great shot.

omid on "Gate to Hyperspace"
wooooooooow! It's an amazing shot with beautiful angle, frame, colors, lighting, reflections & perspective!

mohammad on "Walk on the wilde side"
Beautiful color and light, Photo give a calm sense Panagiotis!BRAVO!

Ol on "Gate to Hyperspace"
maximum warp... punch it!!! cool shot :)

Yves on "Gate to Hyperspace"
Waoouh ! Impressionnante aspiration et inspiration.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Gate to Hyperspace"
It sure looks magic enough to be so !

Basile Pesso on "Gate to Hyperspace"
Very impressive. Hyperspace is a wonderful Nada Surf's song.

maurizio costantino on "Wet night"
Locally beautiful !

DarkElf on "Wet night"
excellent vision and great composition! love how you brought the reflections into play and your exposure is really good!

Basile Pesso on "Wet night"
The depth and the color of the reflections with the man inside them are superb, and the picture globally excellent.

omid on "Wet night"
woooow! It's a very nice night shot with beautiful composition, tones & lighting! such amazing reflections!

Ludovic Roudet on "Wet night"

Basile Pesso on "Fire Play"

Aubélia on "Wet night"
Beautiful reflections in the water.

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